Advantages of Using an Elliptical Machine When Working Out

Using an elliptical machine when working out offers a number of benefits. It provides the user with a low impact way to get a good workout to keep fit, lose weight or improve their cardiovascular health. It’s perfect for people who get impact related injuries and aging fitness enthusiasts who may suffer from pain in their joints and tendons. And even those who are rehabilitating themselves from injury, the improved blood circulation helps to speed up recovery. Which is also why many elite athletes use them as well. And besides, the smooth can make exercising and working out much more pleasant and fun.

Elliptical machines are a popular item at local health clubs, but many people will buy one for home use as well as they’re very easy to use, requires very little maintenance (if any), and can be easily stored away when not being used. Having a machine at home allows them to get a workout whenever the mood hits them, there’s no more getting dressed up and driving down to the gym. The higher end models have a computer control board which easily allows you to set different resistance levels, monitors your heart rate, number of calories expended, etc.

Low Impact Cardiovascular Workouts Creates Less Stress For Your Body

Just about every form of aerobic exercise can help to improve your heart and cardiovascular health. The important thing is to raise your heart rate in order to make it work harder, this helps to strengthen your heart muscle. However, some people find that high impact activity such as jogging is to hard on their bodies, particularly the joints and tendons, and that they’re unable to do the workouts regularly.

These types of machines uses a smoother more elliptical movement for a much gentler workout. For instance, many senior citizens and rehab patients find them extremely useful as they can still improve their cardiovascular health and improve fitness levels while minimizing the chance of injury. For those who are at a high risk of impact type of injuries, but want a total body workout, there are different types of machines available that will allow them to obtain maximum results while reducing amount of stress on their body. Many elliptical machines work both the upper and lower body at the same time and can be very efficient.

Elliptical Machines Are Easy To Use

Elliptical machines can be used by virtually anyone regardless of their skill level or age. Once the user begins pedaling they are in complete control. The user sets the resistance level, but the intensity is totally up to you, you can go as hard or easy as you feel like, making it ideal for people who want a great workout without any hassle or inconvenience. You can even do it while watching your favorite TV show, or while watching the kids.

Variety of Workouts

Some machines offer a lower body workout while others have the capability to workout both the lower and upper body simultaneously thus being very efficient and burning more calories, which often means less time spent working out. Some users are only interested in working the muscles in the lower body only therefore, they’ll omit the use of the handlebars and focus only on pedaling. Another advantage of an elliptical trainer includes the reversibility of the foot pedals. Switching from backward to forward motions can target different groups of muscles.

Some users prefer to workout lightly only slightly elevating their heart rate. While others prefer a more intense workout and go harder when working out, burning more calories and conditioning and toning as many parts of the body as possible in a shorter period of time. One of the great things about using this type of machine is that it enables users to set their own limits regarding the intensity of their workout.

Losing Weight

Aerobic exercising is an extremely efficient way to increase your metabolism and burn fat to help with managing your weight. When you workout your metabolism is raised and you burn off more calories, however your metabolism can stay elevated and burning off more fat for several hours even after ending your session. Physical activity also suppresses the urge to eat. And while any type of aerobic exercise will do the trick many people find that using an elliptical machine while performing exercises makes the workout more pleasant and end up doing it more often for a longer period of time.

Cardiovascular Health

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is important to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes especially as you grow older. Conditioning and strengthening the heart muscles is a good way to help to maintain good cardiovascular health. Aerobic workouts using an elliptical machine can help to strengthen the heart muscles and minimize the risks of health problems. Senior citizens often find that their bodies can’t take the pounding of weight bearing workouts day in and day out and will often use elliptical equipment when working out.


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