Why Nutrition Is The Key, But Fitness Is Most Important

When you say the word diet what comes to your mind?

The top pick is probably eating the right foods day in and day out. Although this is a great idea, and it’s what every bodybuilder or Personal Training enthusiast should be doing, it only addresses one part of the equation.

What is the other part of total fitness & health?

Well, to tell you the truth without this, dieting wouldn’t do you any good. This is more important as far as health and well being even more so than having a perfect diet. A planned cardiovascular exercise and weight training program could be the key to your success and continued motivation. When you are working out daily this increases your motivation ten fold.

After you get done with a hard workout are you going to go to the kitchen and have a pint of rocky road ice cream with a piece of cheesecake on the side, I don’t think so.

When you put all of that effort into a workout or Personal Training you will obviously want to capitalize on the workout and continue its benefits by eating optimal foods throughout the day. A great idea would be to put a note or poster on your fridge/pantry that says “Is is worth it”, or something to that effect. This will really make you think twice before you go into the pantry to grab that box of twinkles and run to the couch to chow them down.

Not only does your exercise affect your belly it also affects your mood. Study after study show that consistent exercise affects your mood in a positive way. Meaning you’re gonna be happier every day. Rather than the only thing to look forward to being your daily ritual of eating on the couch you’re actually gonna feel good about yourself.

A recent study also showed how even those that eat healthy are still not necessarily if they don’t exercise. The main factor in a person’s health is if they exercise. You’re internal fat can still be at a high level when you visually look thin with a shirt on.

So you can see that dieting is not just what you eat but it is also about working out. If you don’t know how to workout effectively or are confused about where to even start consider getting help from a reputable personal trainer or fitness studio.

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